Hello I am Roger Gabriel, Anyone could reach me at my e-mail address roger_gabriel@ymail.com or via facebook just search for me , please don't hesitate to ask any questions

 Since the beginning of time light has created everything that is around in.  Everyone you know was put here for a reason; everything you see, feel, smell, taste, and even hear has some kind of potential because of its elementary light structure.  But other states of matter could be organized so complex that the potential is infinite as long its being held together by the illusion of space.  Everything in the universe is balanced, harmonic, and tuned perfectly to the rhythm of the light.  Vibrations of energy create works of art, energy placed by the fine tuned hand of man and the imagination in deep thought. Please take a couple of days and analyze my works of potential energy.

 I see the human race as a unique soup of complex personalities shaped and molded by their society, living their humorous lives trying to control the events in their reality.But there's no such thing as control.

 I love the beautiful souls who have no need for shells because their light shines with the simple humor of the cosmos.  Every unique character shines a little bit of their godly essence of soul unintentionally for everyone to notice.  Open your eyes and see everything for what it is...not for what it appears to be.

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